Watch Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episodes Online: How To

Watch Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episodes Online now. The adaptation of Sui Ishida's manga made its debut last Tuesday (3), produced by the studios Pierrot (Naruto), Tokyo Ghoul: RE opened the door for fans to know a new reality of the anime.

The opening theme "Asphyxia" played by Cö shu Nie in conjunction with the scenes shown, make the unbalanced melody pass the sensation of "suffocation" that the ghouls will face in this new phase. In addition to the images of a Tokyo night, they will surely remind you of the first season. The story begins with a short introduction about the organization QUINX (an organization composed of half-humans, half-ghouls) that carries with it the objective of exterminating the ghouls that live in the city.

If we consider the first episode, following the adaptation will faithfully some of the events of the manga version (at least in some parts), for example, one of the early fight scenes was pictur ta 's just as in work. But fans must prepare, as the new anime phase may follow the same narrative rhythm as the first season, adapting many random events in the manga chapters in only 12 episodes. So it will be almost impossible not to notice the lack of some scenes that fans expect to watch. And here's a little hint: if you expect to see some specific characters right from the start, do not go too thirsty to the pot.

A lot of the public may be feeling confused about this season, but this can be explained by the reason that the third season is not a direct sequence of the previous ones, but an adaptation following the end line of the manga. The story goes two years after the end of the original Tokyo Ghoul series and this time there are new characters introduced in the plot, which does not nullify the appearance of some characters already known as Kaneki.

We just have to wait for the next episodes and draw new conclusions.

The anime website Tokyo Ghoul: re has shared a new promotional trailer for the highly anticipated animated sequel to Tokyo Ghoul. This new video reveals the cast of voices of the new characters, as well as the release date of this new season, which will be in the month of April 2018. Also the anime staff presents a new promotional image on the anime website.

The new cast in charge of giving voice to the new characters of Tokyo Ghoul: re has the following cast of seiyûs:

Kaito Ishikawa ( Genos in One Punch Man , Tobio Kageyama in Haikyû !! ) as Kuki Urie
Yuuma Uchida ( Kazuomi Oga in ReLIFE ) as Ginshi Shirazu
Natsumi Fujiwara ( Ukyo Ibuki in Beyblade Burst ) as Tooru Mutsuki
Ayane Sakura ( Ochaco Uraraka in My Hero Academy , Shizuku Hanaoka in Welcome to the ballroom ) as Saiko Yonebayashi
The Tokyo Ghoul anime : re is produced by Studio Pierrot . Chūji Mikasano returns for the writing and writing of scripts after having worked in the two previous seasons. Atsuko Nakajima replaces Kazuhiro Miwa as a character designer. On the other hand, Natsuki Hanae will play the role of Kaneki Ken again .

The main manga of Tokyo Ghoul was adapted to the anime in the form of a television series . This has two seasons, Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul √A , both 12 episodes animated by Studio Pierrot in 2014 and 2015. To anime, we must add the OVAs of Tokyo Ghoul [Jack] and Tokyo Ghoul PINTO . The work of Sui Ishida also has a real image film released in Japan this past July. Both the anime and the live-action film are licensed in Spain by Selecta Visión, being the animated series edited on DVD and BD not so OVAs.

Sui Ishida publishes this sequel to Tokyo Ghoul since October 2014, after completing the serialization of Tokyo Ghoul manga in September of that year . So far the Japanese publisher Shueisha has released 27 compilation volumes in Japan. Norma Editorial , like the first manga, published in Spain this work of which has already published the first 10 volumes.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is available online on Hulu and Netflix. Watch Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episodes Online now.