Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episodes Online: How To

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episodes Online now. The Clark family is no longer what it was. Nobody is. A few years have passed since the debacle that changed the course of humanity began. The zombies continue to roam at ease, and are a constant danger that makes it very difficult for society to resurface. And some unscrupulous people make it almost impossible. If we have learned something after eight seasons of The Walking Dead and three seasons of Fear the Walking Dead , it is that the living are more dangerous than the dead.

The start of the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead is fully in the crossover with The Walking Dead announced a hype and cymbal for the original chain of both series, AMC. We already knew that this one was going to be played by Morgan and that it was going to be produced in the first episode. What we did not imagine is that the crossover was going to be, in fact, an episode dedicated almost exclusively to the character , in the purest Morgan style with enough minutes of him wandering alone. But let's not get confused, this crossover is not a punctual appearance of the character, but Morgan will end up being part of the group of survivors of the series spin off.

The first thing we ask when we see Morgan in Fear the Walking Dead is: when does this happen? In what timeline do we find ourselves? The issue is resolved in the first minutes of the episode in which we are confirmed that everything happens after the eighth season of The Walking Dead. This revelation will be explicit and with some extra surprise for fans of the original series. Therefore, if the timeline of the first episode of the fourth season is immediately after the eighth of The Walking Dead, we understand that there has been a great ellipse in Fear that takes us from the water dam to the present moment.

A great change of the third for the spin off of the zombies that is not afraid to leave frames behind and move forward in time to take us to the point where you want. To a more desolate world, with greater mistrust, with more accumulated traumatic experiences and more encounters with bad guys. And it is precisely these villains - of whom we do not know much in the first episode but who will know more in the second - one of the strong points of the beginning of the fourth season.

Another attraction of this release are the new additions of the cast. On the one hand, we have Althea (Maggie Grace), a journalist who with her video camera and her questions tries to become the narrator of the historical moment that humanity lives in the zombie apocalypse. A frankly suggestive and novel approach, because it focuses on the importance of building your own story for societies . And on top of that, drive a monster truck with a gift! On the other, we have John (Garret Dillahunt), a lone cowboy against his will and friendly looking for a missing loved one.

But we can not forget the old acquaintances of Fear the Walking Dead . The Clark family and their faithful companions are still characters that we have come to appreciate. And here it is necessary to make special mention to Madison . That woman who is at the same time a fighting mother, a tough warrior and a tender voice for the helpless survivors. A complex and nuanced leader that has gradually been winning our hearts.

And finally, the zombies. The effects and makeup of the walkers of Greg Nicotero are still up to the task and are a delight for the fans. We know that they are secondary in the plot, but it is a mistake when they forget too much of them. In this season start, there are zombies, and very cool. We are left with the scene of the dead in the water tank of the second episode. Putrid zombies. Literally.

A change of air with more budget, better characters and better zombies. Change that is noticed even in the head of the series, that e strena opening this season and will change with the setting of each episode.

The first half of the eighth season of 'The Walking Dead' was very uphill, and with 'Fear the Walking Dead I left in the middle of the third season because it did not interest me (although they told me that in the end it improved). I was not in a good mood for more zombies or harbored too much hope for the return of 'Fear'.

Although the character of Morgan lately gave me a lot of laziness, the truth is that I enjoyed the episode devoted to him. After the second chapter, I realized that I was following the plot with great interest. I had become hooked again!

I'm going to see what's left of the third season of 'Fear the Walking Dead' and keep watching the fourth. Y believe that by that I say everything. I have been hooked again by the rotten zombies of Greg Nicotero and the survivors led by the great Madison.

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