How to Transform a Day Makeup into a Night One with a Few Simple Steps

By day, you are at the office and at night with friends. Without having to remove makeup from the face and redo a new makeup, you can convert a day makeup into a night one by adding only "extras" and fixing imperfections.

Here's a tutorial you can do at home originally made by professional makeup artist Mar Castelli. This is step-by-step, from the hydration of the skin, the application of base, concealer, mascara, and shadows, until you learn how to raise the tone to shine in a night out.

Before starting to make up, Mar Castelli recommends making a good preparation of the skin. A deep cleaning of the face to eliminate the remains of makeup and the same air from the environment. With wipes or cream, apply make-up remover all over the face and then with a spray, to moisturize and make the makeup stay fixed and last for much longer.

TIP: For the eye contour, it is best to use a cream that contains caffeine to lower the morning swelling. For the lips, some repairing lipstick or cocoa butter.

Step by step: How to transform a day makeup into a night one?

Trend: Soft smokey with glass skin and eye-catching lip.

Step 1: Moisturizing Spray
Step 2: Cream
Step 3: Apply liquid makeup base with a brush
Step 4: Liquid Concealer. If the dark circles are pigmented, it is best to neutralize them with an orange tone.
Step 5: Volatile dust. This is applied at the brightness points. Zone T, forehead, nose and chin.
Step 6: Contouring to refine or highlight facial features.

TIP: To apply each of the products, it is recommended to use special brushes. In the market ,there are brushes of natural hair or cruelty-free synthetic hair.

Step 7: Comb your eyebrows
Step 8: Apply blush. It is best to make "fish mouth" so that the product is the same on both sides and mark the correct area.
Step 9: Illuminator.
Step 10: With eyeliner, paint the eyebrows and shape it.
Step 11: Apply the shadows on the eyelid of the desired color with a brush, to make the smokey 3 shades of the same color palette and to fade from the tear to the end of the eye.
Step 12: Illuminate below the eyebrow.

TIP: It is not necessary to have many products. One good for each sector of the face will do.

Step 13: Arc tabs to give volume and movement.
Step 14: Mascara. Before applying it, it is recommended to unload a little of the product so that no paste remains and lumps are made.
Step 15: Delineate lips. If it is a strong color, the outline is the best option not to leave the contour.
Step 16: Choice of lipstick, matte, gloss, liquid or bar.
Step 17: Apply glitter on the cheekbones to give shine.

For the night

TIP: With a delineated gel and dark shadows it is possible to highlight the eye and transform it into a night makeup.

With the same makeup of the day, base, eyeliner and shadows, in just 3 steps you can convert it into another.

Step 1: Apply gel eyeliner
Step 2: To deepen the eyeliner, with dark shadows highlight the area
Step 3: Add the smokey glitter on the eyelids

Congratulations, you just transformed your day makeup into a night one. Beautiful!