Watch Ready Player One Full Movie Online: How To

Watch Ready Player One Full Movie Online here. Just a few weeks after showing us his most serious and politically engaged profile in The Pentagon Archives, Steven Spielberg reminds us now that he is still a hyperactive child, thanks to 'Ready Player One,' his most vocationally playful film in years: a dazzling show visual set mostly inside a virtual reality video game, where a hero and his henchmen embark on a thrilling adventure in search of a treasure while facing a dark corporation.

Our first contact with this hyperspace is a chase by a chameleon city in New York, in which the DeLorean of Back to the future is persecuted not only by the Batmobile and the van of Team A and a motorbike departing from Akira, among other vehicles, but also by King Kong and the T-Rex of Jurassic Park. And from then on the movie is offering so many references to pop culture icons - Michael Jackson, Alien, Chucky, Duran Duran, Ninja Turtles, Freddy Krueger, Saturday Night Fever, that at times works like a giant version of the Pokémon Go. To catch them all would require several viewings with a remote control in hand.

To convey them, Spielberg offers us a succession of huge shootings and races captured by a camera that defies the laws of physics and amazing sequences of action behind which, in reality, there is not much. The messages about the dangers of our obsession with technology and social networks are obvious; his characters have neither background nor real appeal; and the emotional depth that in the past raised his best forays into the blockbuster terrain - scenes like ET's flying bicycles (1982) - is replaced by simple fireworks. And in part that's why, no matter how obsessed with nostalgia, it's unlikely that Ready player one I never managed to become part of the pantheon of pop culture that portrays so much detail.

As I did in the distant year 1993, Spielberg returns to release the film with a few months of difference and, as in that year, both with great results. In this case the nominated "The Pentagon Files" and the one that now occupies us, Ready Player One. Science fiction for all audiences that presents an unpretentious adventure, very much like those of the 80s; authentic protagonists of this story that bases its context on a virtual world created by a lover of the decade that bequeathed us great icons in cinema, video games or music.

Although the trailers propose a salad of references recreated by CGI, the certain thing is that the film proposes a story that catches, that has rhythm and that uses these references like motor of the action, never the other way around. The problem arises when the viewer realizes the conventional development of events and a feeling that can be generated while we grew up in the 80's or before, we see the movie, and it is hard to believe that a current teenager feels interested , or at least with the same admiration as the rest, for a film that is totally alien to him in referential terms.

It is a song of love to that decade that made us dream and that continues to generate consumer material for those who live it. Even so, references to the 90s or even more current ones are also included. You just have to know to look for them along the continuous viewings that will be necessary to discover new winks. This is a movie to watch more than once. Most of the scenes seem taken out of the mind of a child who plays with anachronistic figures, who have nothing to do with each other and even do not even have a common scale, but serve their purpose of forming a fun and crazy entertainment as it can only arise from the imagination of childhood. That is the true thesis of this film, the return to childhood and illusion. An "Oasis" where escape from reality and live the most eccentric adventures that can occur to a person in a world where everything is possible. Therefore, what is really fascinating are the parts of the film that are developed within the virtual world.

Little can be said about Spielberg's work. As always its staging is a lesson of camera movement and internal assembly where you can develop your creativity to the fullest, having the advantage that much of the footage is completely digitally created, as it happened in that other gem that is "The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn," with which he keeps the similarity of exploiting technology to the fullest. And just like in that one, all the set pieces are a delight for the eyes. Pure adrenaline from the race to the great final battle. His work with the interpreters, some of them unknown to the general public, is also impeccable, bringing out the best in them.

Tye Sheridan is the protagonist of the show keeping a more than reasonable resemblance to Spielberg in his youth. He is accompanied by a group of kids where Olivia Cooke stands out. In the more mature staff shines once again the new actor fetish of the director. Mark Rylance creates a character full of tenderness as opposed to the villain who, at the risk of being pigeonholed, plays Ben Ben Mendelsohn. You can also see Simon Pegg in a role that limits his comic to the minimum.

The advantage of this film technically is that most of the time it takes place in a virtual world and, therefore, you can afford to use all the CGI you want without needing to be completely realistic, because everything is justified narratively . Thus, the digital orgy that would be so annoying in any other production, here it becomes necessary. Janusz Kaminski's photography is again irregular, with a very ugly gray aesthetic. Sometimes the Spielberg collaborators of the 80s are missed, and the most missed is the veteran John Williams, who this time has not been able to accompany his director, being replaced by an insipid Alan Silvestri who has not even including the theme of "Back to the Future", despite having the DeLorean hovering throughout the story.

No film lover should miss the opportunity to see this movie on the largest screen possible and with the best sound system. One of the films of the year, without a doubt, and that will give a lot to talk about. Ready player one is the wet dream of an eighties teenager. A song of love for popular culture and the realization that we grow older but cinema, music or video games are art and, as such, immortal.

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