How to watch The Americans Season 6 Episodes Online

The television marriage formed by actors Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell will soon return to the screen. 'The Americans', the FX war spies drama of the FX channel, will premiere its season 6 on March 28, facing its final stretch.

In the new episodes, which take place in 1987 after a temporary jump of three years, we will see more flood Paige (Holly Taylor), the daughter of the Jennings couple, now as a college girl, but who remains involved in the family business. "This is what Elizabeth has always wanted and is finally happening, she will be able to take her daughter to work together and sometimes she will make mistakes, but sometimes she does it really well," says executive producer Joe Weisberg. However, the girl's father, Phillip, does not look with such good eyes on the young girl's new path.

In addition, 'The Americans' returns with an episode entitled 'Dead Hand' that makes reference to something very specific of the period that the series portrays. The "Dead Hand" was a project of the Soviet Union that aimed to activate a nuclear missile in case of being attacked, although no president of the nation was in faculties of pressing the famous red button. The system measured the level of radiation and seismic activity to detect if they were suffering a nuclear attack and then the "Dead Hand" counterattacked with its own arsenal. The sixth season of 'The Americans' will be composed of ten episodes, which will be the last of the series.

Paige Jennings will be another person in the last season of The Americans . Not only will she debut a new hairstyle, but she will also be seen at the university and on the streets as a spy with her mother.

For its sixth and final season, The Americans will start with a three-year jump in the future. It will be the end of 1987 and Philip (Matthew Rhys) will be removed from the business that took him to the United States, but Elizabeth (Keri Russell ) will continue active, with Paige (Holly Taylor) as his partner, although still as a spy in training.

"Paige is completely committed to being part of what is now her mother's business, Paige and Elizabeth are joining forces," said executive producer Joel Fields about the new season of The Americans, while sharing with Entertainment Weekly a first look at the new Paige.

In turn, executive producer Joe Weisberg also assured that Elizabeth likes to have Paige at work. He said, "This is really Elizabeth's dream, this is what Elizabeth has wanted for a long time and it is finally happening," although she will still have reservations about what her daughter should and should not do.

"She's going to take her daughter and go out and work with her sometimes, and do things with her. Sometimes he will make a mistake and that is a bit worrisome, but other times Paige will really do well and succeed, and that will feel great," he said.

What will be Paige's first missions? It will mainly be dedicated to surveillance and will only use light costumes. However, Elizabeth will have great plans for her.

"I bet it's easy as a spectator of the show to assume that what that dream means for Elizabeth is that Paige is going to commit acts of violence and seduction traps and do all the things that Elizabeth has done in the most dramatic way in the show, but she does not imagine any of that for her daughter," Fields explained.

"Paige, as a US citizen, has a strong identity, so it does not make sense to train Paige to make seductive traps or commit murders. Elizabeth's long game is to have her join the CIA or the State Department or the upper echelons of the army. Who knows? Maybe one day she will be the president," he added.

Subsequently, actress Holly Taylor spoke with TV Line and said that for the sixth season, Paige will be in college, making friends and being more confident. As indicated, "has changed a lot", although still "is curious and intelligent."

"She wears light makeup, too. I think all that shows how comfortable she is with herself, without feeling the need to impress anyone," said the 20-year-old actress.

Taylor noted that at work, "Elizabeth is strict with Paige because she wants to protect her, but Paige is still young and wants her space too."

"So, although it can be complicated, deep down they are like any friendly mother-daughter duo," he said.

The sixth and final season of The Americans will be released March 28, 2018 on FX. You can watch The Americans Season 6 Episodes online on their website or using the FX Now App.