Far Cry 5 Review

Far Cry 5 will have zombies, aliens and the Vietnam War in their DLC - enough to keep the excitement going and fans keep playing.

The United State anthem begins by talking about the sunlight and ends by saying that it is the land of the brave. And it stills so wide. The best thing is that much of this song at times seems to speak of Far Cry 5, the new adventure in first person from Ubisoft, which arrives this Tuesday, March 27, to PS4, Xbox One and PC. In both cases, the first steps begin with the light of the sun (in Ubisoft's game it would be the one that bathes the first island after leaving Butch's hiding place) and end up being a story of brave men in which God is quoted from when when. And for more INRI, the title that concerns us moves the action within American territory, although the specific place we travel to is invented: Hope, Montana, does not exist, but it could well be a dozen locations lost from the hand of God in deep America.

With all this in mind, talk about the umpteenth overproduction of Ubisoft, although this time the issue is somewhat more vindictive and controversial than usual. We say this because Far Cry 5 does not dodge the bullet of the American setting to criticize (subtle) the political situation of that country with weapons, with its current president, with the religious extremism of certain rural areas ... Nor is it get into too deep puddles, but at least get wet and splash in the mud. Anything else would have been to waste the stage and the setting, in pursuit of an improper puritanism of this series of action games with a large dose of freedom.

But let's not go ahead, we're already giving details for granted, and the reality is that you, readers, do not have to know what this new release of Far Cry is about, its news or what has been said about it since its announcement, almost two years ago. In this way, we start with our Far Cry 5 practice class. The game takes us to the county of Hope, in Montana, to fight against an apocalyptic sect that has taken control of the territory. In the skin of the Sheriff's assistant, the only survivor (in principle) of the failed attempt to arrest the leader of the Puertas del Eden sect, we will have to take the reins of resistance to his cult and regain control of three areas of Hope before throwing ourselves at the craziness again.

With this premise our adventure begins, after escaping by the hair of the claws of the sect. The objective is clear: eliminate all influence of this malevolent cult in each of the three large areas of the county , each being controlled by one of the younger brothers of the Joseph. Jacob is at the top, training troops and accompanied by great trained wolves. Faith is to the east with lots of joy-filled 'zombies' behind her. Johnhe takes care of the west, proclaiming the 'power of the yes' while terrorizing the population. Three riders of the Apocalypse to which we will have to win before facing the real bad of Far Cry 5. Although this time has not generated us the slightest hint of sympathy, unlike Vaas or Pagan Min in previous numbered deliveries of the series. It's not an accidental detail, Ubisoft wants you to hate Joseph Seed.

With the clear goal, we have to choose, because if something is characterized this Far Cry 5 is to give us almost complete freedom when choosing how to play. We do not refer only to the way to face each confrontation (it is as valid and possible the stealth, as the opposite), but also at the time of letting go where we want and do what comes to us in gana. The progress is simple: reduces the influence of the sect in each of the zones,in the order that you want. There is no reason to go or stay in an area of ​​the map if we do not want to. It will touch to destroy silos, free hostages, destroy enemy posts, among many other secondary activities available that we will choose to do or not without any pressure. All will raise a meter to a greater or lesser extent, until you reach one of the three control points, moments in which unique events will begin which will advance the history of that sector. Finally, it will touch the inevitable final confrontation with each member of the Seed family.

This scheme is the only thing that remains constant in the game (although for the last section of the game everything changes a little), leaving everything else to our choice. We can choose where to go and what to do with complete freedom: What weapon and accessories to use, what main and / or secondary missions to do, what talents to unlock, what companions to carry to support us, and what vehicles to use. The possibilities are endless, and the number of systems that Far Cry 5 brings into play is truly amazing.

Maybe almost everything that makes us sound of here and there in other titles of Ubisoft, but this does not detract from what was achieved by the Montreal team of the French publisher. That is to say, what is done here is, to a certain extent, a mixture of that seen in Ghost Recon Wildlands, with previous Far Cry and, even, with titles like Watch Dogs 2. If this little sensation of Deja vu is not a problem for you, few more obstacles are going to be found throughout the game, since the truth is that despite the amount of things we can do, everything starts so gradually that we soon understand the totality of the program.

We refer to the system of loot collection or to the creation of ammunition and enhancers, but also to the progress system, which gives us points based on the mini-challenges that we are completing, instead of making us raise the level of experience ( this change we have even appreciated). We must also make the progression system, because if we get lost in secondary tasks we will end up advancing in history without having done missions named as principal (nothing happens either, they will always be available even when we advance). Usually these characters are related to the three companions that we can sign by area, and after overcoming them we are allowed to summon them in the battle.

Each of these companions has their own personality and abilities, making each one suitable for a different combat situation. Their behavior is good and, in addition, we can give them simple orders. It is not that his AI is that of Skynet, but neither does it demean the whole. Since the enemies are not that they are the smartest we have seen in a game of this style (their tendency to act in a suicidal way is somewhat exaggerated). Together, all these systems, coupled with the way to progress, the incredible density of tasks to do and secrets to find in Hope County, make the more than 20 hours that lasts Far Cry 5be short. It can last much longer (as soon as you get involved with secondary activities it goes over 30), being fun at almost all times, although it has not seemed too complicated in almost no time.

The key to this fun comes from the flexibility of the scheme, but also by the extreme variety of the whole. No two missions are the same, doubling Ubisoft's efforts to offer a small turn in each entrust. Yes, everything usually revolves around the shootings and destruction in the first person, but there is always some new detail that manages to renew the gameplay. When combat situations are not, what is surprising is the setting, the vehicles in the equation or some other of the many variables of Far Cry 5. All accompanied by an entertaining narrative , although the NPCs are somewhat unreal (and too much talkers) on more than one occasion).

Far Cry 5 is a great game, which manages to offer a good campaign with a great story, a lot of freedom and lots of things to do, without forgetting the multiplayer side thanks to the possibility of cooperatively playing the whole story. To this we must add Far Cry Arcade that, if it works between the community, can extend the life of the game beyond what was expected. We may often have a sense of deja vu from other Ubisoft games, but this does not detract from what the company has achieved with this game. Far Cry 5 is the fruit of the narrative, playable and technical evolution of previous titles of Ubisoft, being, therefore, a great demonstration of the potential of the French company at all levels.