Analysis of Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS

You might be playing the best Pokémon game in years. Here is Detective Pikachu for your Nintendo 3DS.

It is said soon, but it has been twenty-two years since the first installments of the franchise went on sale: Red and Blue Pokémon (green in the case of Japan). Since then, numerous have been Pokémon games that Nintendo has developed for several of its consoles both desktop and portable. At this moment, we are waiting to know how the first game of the franchise will be for a hybrid console, but, to make us wait more enjoyable, the Great N has released the title that concerns us, one more for the western catalog of Nintendo 3DS: Detective Pikachu.

Perhaps the most striking of Detective Pikachu, spin-off launched two years ago in Japan, was seeing Pikachu speak for the first time in a video game, a fact that also moved to the movie Pokémon, I choose you! of 2017. But this delivery is much more than seeing this creature speak. You can come to suppose a before and after in the Pokémon universe, because it leaves aside some of its greatest characteristics such as fighting, to provide us with a new vision of this universe in which it is possible to see humans and Pokémon live together as if in real life.

In Detective Pikachu we put ourselves in the shoes of a young man new to Ryme City named Tim Goodman for the sole purpose of finding his father, who disappeared two months ago. From the moment he sets foot in the city, he finds a peculiar Pikachu, who will accompany him throughout the adventure, since he is the only one who, curiously enough, can understand everything he says. In this way, destiny unites these two characters in an adventure that will lead them to solve a great mystery.

As we have said before, this installment is about a spin-off of the Pokémon franchise belonging to the graphic adventures genre. Throughout it, we will use the exploration and the puzzles to solve each of the conflicts that we encounter as we move through history. From the disappearance of a Pokémon to trying to find the culprit of a strange event, Detective Pikachu is the most varied in this sense, although not so much in the way of solving them.

As is typical of detectives, we have to carry out an investigation of what happened in each of the nine chapters that make up the game. For this, we will have a series of tools and actions. Among the first ones, we have: the file, a section in which we can consult everything we have discovered, that is, all the signs, testimonies and profiles of both people and Pokémon; the inquiries, a list of cases and notes full of objectives and unknowns to solve; a map, which will be activated according to the area where we are; and the last dialogue we have had to review it in detail if necessary.

As for the actions, through the dynamic duo consisting of Tim and Pikachu, we can talk to any person or Pokémon that is available in the vicinity. In this way, we find the first manifestations of the great humor that have endowed our beloved electric mouse, then, meanwhile, we can see a series of cinematics capable of making us let out a laugh. Likewise, like good detectives, we have to inspect the place of the facts, looking for any clue or clue that can help us deduce what has happened. Finally, we have a series of QTE (quick time events) that make us more participants in the adventure.

While all the above is most appropriate to be a game of detectives, it may seem somewhat repetitive. Moreover, it is not that it is precisely difficult, because it is quite easy to solve all the conflicts that arise. However, its developer, Creatures, a subsidiary of Nintendo known for having participated in the development of many of the games of the franchise, among others, has managed to get around this very well. For this, he has used the care he has had portraying the world of Pokémon in a game different from what we are used to.

It is usual that the trailers that have been published of a game prior to its launch do not allow to appreciate all that it can offer. It seems that this is what happened with Detective Pikachu, because the great work that has been done by its developer incorporating a considerable amount of the existing creatures of the Pokémon universe is not appreciated until you play it. So, it is possible to see that this title is canon. During the same, you have to solve certain events making use of the characteristics of the creatures in question. Thus, we are at times when we have to guess, for example, how is a Pokémon based on the descriptions on this that we get to investigate or even have to find out what creature is to blame following the same process.

But the great care with which Creatures has portrayed the world of Pokémon does not remain in the creatures themselves. Throughout the game, we read and see numerous winks that go beyond the brand's interactive products. Because if something is characterized by this franchise is how rich it is. Thus, we have met with winks to the animation series, visible during some of the conversations with Detective Pikachu. In addition, it offers the peculiar vision of which we spoke to you at the beginning. One in which it is possible to see a Pokémon world in which the Nintendo pocket creatures do not have to fight and become part of it performing jobs even, visible in brush-strokes in the aforementioned series or other deliveries.

In fact, the whole game shows the care with which Creatures has developed it. Graphically, Detective Pikachu stands out, especially in cinematics. Both the characters and the scenarios are well detailed, although the first ones, referring to humans and not to Pokémon, are not very original, especially if we compare them with those of the animation series. Even so, we would love for Nintendo to launch the game for Nintendo Switch and who knows if it is a sequel, because the end lends itself to it.

Special mention deserves the sound section. Noteworthy is the excellent dubbing work, especially the one done with Pikachu; and the translation into Spanish, as it provides nuances that the original version does not provide. It is also worthy of praise the soundtrack, which meets and acclimates perfectly.

At this point, it is impossible to find someone who does not know Pikachu. Even more so after the release of Detective Pikachu , an adventure for Nintendo 3DS aimed, especially, at the youngest ones, since it is possible to activate an easy mode that provides clues to avoid getting stuck advancing in the story. However, it is the care we have spoken with the Pokémon universe that also makes it possible for fans of the saga to enjoy it. And if you do not belong to any group, and, even so, you are curious about this game, you must know that it is worth playing, because it offers about 12 hours of duration, full of humor, very funny moments and what is more important: big dose of Pokémon with which to enjoy.

Detective Pikachu is a remarkable spin-off, which can be enjoyed thanks to the winks he makes to the Pokémon franchise, his humor and, above all, his protagonist: a peculiar and mocking Pikachu. It may not be especially difficult and it may be repetitive, but it's worth playing. Pikachu and his humor, and the great care with which Creatures has treated the franchise is just the best. The absence of difficulty, how repetitive can be the way to solve cases and human characters are not more appealing.