Watch 'Stranger Things' Season 2, Episodes online: How To

Watch 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Full Episodes online here. Nothing is the same in Hawkins since they supposedly solved the Demogorgon problem. It's time to fight again the possible end of the world with Stranger things 2, which Netflix opens this Friday October 27 with the launch directly of the nine episodes of the season, as is customary for the fictions of the content platform.

If there is no unforeseen last minute, the premiere in Spain will be at 9:01 am. The premiere is simultaneous throughout the world and the starting shot is from midnight in the time zone of the west coast of the United States, so in these parts plays good morning. And what awaits us? From the platform they prefer not to share too many secrets although they have done promotion even in teletext.

It is intuited by the images that Will (Noah Schnapp), as he hinted at the end of the first season, is not the same since he came back from the other dimension, that world where the monster called Demogorgon lived. It also disappeared Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), present in the final trailer of the second season with a curly hair that confirms one thing: time has not only happened in our reality as spectators but also in the eighties of Hawkins.

The cast, fortunately, remains intact with Schnapp, Brown, Winona Ryder, David Harbor, Natalia Dyer, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Matthew Modine and Joe Keery. In addition, there are some media signings such as the incorporation of Paul Reiser (Loco por ti) as a person in charge of the energy department in charge of containing the consequences of the events that occurred in Hawkins and Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings) as the new couple of Joyce.

The signing of Astin can not go unnoticed if we take into account the references of Stranger things: he was Mikey in The Goonies , the kid who was venturing into the adventures along with Sloth, and that has served as inspiration for the creation of the kids of Stranger things. Anyone who wants advance, you can watch the trailer and, just in case, there are also a few interesting theories of what could happen in this second season (or even later).

This seems a reflection of the "leap of maturity" of the boys: although they continue to maintain a certain innocence, they grow and with them the challenges they face and the attitudes to those challenges (and life). On the other hand, the story and evolution of Eleven, separated from the rest of the group during most of the season, deserves attention. The Duffer wanted to explore the background to the protagonist and we learned a lot from his past.

Not everything works in 'Stranger Things 2'. Without going any further, the plot of Jonathan and Nancy is set just to put the classic adolescent love affair . Nor does the background proposed for Max fit. Although the incorporation to the neighborhood of Hawkins of this enigmatic personage works well, it is noted that they were not too clear what to do with her, her family and her past.

The greatest achievement of 'Stranger Things 2' is to be able to show a fascinating story, get involved in it and balance that air of eighties homage that characterizes the series . Yes, there are very obvious hints and references, but they are so well integrated into the plot and the way of exposing it that it is exemplary for series and films that evoke nostalgia and popular culture.

The return of 'Stranger Things' could not have gone better. It's a great horror story with elements from the eighties that is level (I would say more, even) of the first season. It's imperfect, of course, but its purpose is that we bomb it with it and enjoy (and suffer) with the most peculiar inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana. Watch 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Full Episodes online here.